Terms and Conditions



Grading and Condition

Grade A / Excellent - clean cosmetic condition, either like new or almost no visible wear (if we have low stock volume for certain models, best condition will be selected, however customer may not necessarily agree with the item being in excellent condition, this especially applies to older models, because, normally, there is no issues with newer models eg. iphone 6s, iphone 7, xperia z5, galaxy s7 etc.) .  Also, condition means cosmetic appearance only, for example, if you buy an older model, battery life may still be reduced, even though we chose the best looking phone for you. 

Grade B  / Good condition - minor wear only.

Grade C / Acceptable - obvious cosmetic wear, functional device, sometimes these devices may look quite rough because of major dents, scratches and other tear and wear. 

Grade D - these devices will have some minor fault, for example camera not working, buttons need pressing too hard, earphone jacks not working or similar issues, these devices are heavily discounted.

Making payment

To order any item, please click / tap "add to cart" > and specify options > click/ tap "add to cart" again and select payment method i.e. paypal / amazon / world pay. Direct card payments can be made via Paypal guest checkout or Worldpay.  WHEN USING WORLDPAY, YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS WILL BE THE SAME AS BILLING ADDRESS. WITH PAYPAL / AMAZON PAYMENTS, IT'S POSSIBLE TO SPECIFY ANOTHER SHIPPING ADDRESS.

Network lock

If any device is locked to network, it will specify network in the title of the product or options. If nothing is mentioned, or it says "unlocked", device will be unlocked or customer will receive unlock code by email free of charge. Please notice, for certain models, unlock code may arrive a few days after the phone arrives. We kindly ask you not to complain about it, because it's been stated in our terms and conditions of sale. 


We don't always have all colours in stock. Selected colour is your preferred colour and we can't always supply that particular colour. If colour is absolutely important, please let us know about it. If colour isn't specified we will always try our best to dispatch the same colour as can be seen on the picture, or the one requested by customer, however we can not guarantee to dispatch correct colour. 

What's included

Most items will include a custome white box, device and charging cable only and no other additional content. Some devices bought from customers, will be fully boxed in like new condition. 

Next day delivery

Next day delivery arrives next day only for orders placed before 3PM. No items are dispatched or expected to arrive during weekend. Tracking information will be provided, if your order hasn't arrived within stipulated delivery times specified at checkout. Special delivery is a prioritised service (however delays are possible if we experience any stock problems or any other issues), other options may take 1 to 4 working days to arrive and again delays are possible for certain models and condition. 

Many customers may ask - "Why should I pay extra for next day delivery, if I didn't receive my phone next day?, even though I placed my order before 3pm?" 

Answer: "As explained delays are possible, should we face any stock / other issues, however this additional charge will guarantee that your order is prioritised compared to someone who chose free shipping". 

Warranty and Returns

Warranty is 12 months and includes any technical issue, not caused by the customer, except for batteries (we never test battery life and do not offer warranty for batteries),  and any physical damage (broken screen, tear and wear that wasn't there when the item was initially purchased or water damage detected through diagnostics when we receive your item back.  14 day return policy covers refunds,  however 12 months warranty covers only replacement or repair and not refunds, again our warranty is not comprehensive and won't cover batteries and physical / water damage even if the device is considered to be waterproof, these devices are used and could possibly be not waterproof any longer.  Also, if you require a replacement / repair after one month or later, we may have to apply depreciation / rental fee, because purchased device had been used for some time and depreciated in price and condition over the time it was used. 


14 day returns are accepted for any reason, even if customer simply changed their mind. 

If you wish to return your product, please send back to :
16 Leys Road Wellingborough NN81PN UK for Iurii Savchuk
1. Please make sure to include either order number or name and date of purchase of this device with your return package, otherwise we won't know where it's from.  
2. Make sure to factory reset your device and remove all passwords, especially icloud passwords and blackberry account passwords. 
3. Returned device must have the same serial number, as the one purchased. Also, please keep tracking number / reference number until your purchase has been refunded. 
4. Please make sure to attach a note with your return package to describe what was the problem.                                                                                        
Refunds can be issued only if the item is returned within 14 days. After 14 days, we can only repair / replace your item under 12 months warranty. 

These Terms and any Contract between the Seller and the Customer.

Use of the Website and personal information

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Important information about making a purchase

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Reviewed 3rd February 2017