Get paid for referrals

CheapMobileHandsets is proud to help people earn extra income. 

Currently we pay 5% off any sale e.g. any sold item worth £200 would generate you £10 commission. One effortless share on Facebook or Twitter could earn you good commission. Our system is fully automated, so if your family member or a friend needs a phone or an iPad / Tablet, why not refer them to us and get rewarded for it? If you run a popular blog, facebook, twitter page or website, very good at sales, our affiliate program may generate some serious regular income for you. Very important point is that it doesn't matter if your referral buys that particular item immediately, even if they come back and buy any other item, your commission will still be generated!

These days there are so many fake affiliate programs, so with a reputable business offering probably best prices on most mobile phones and tablets and being so popular not only in UK but across all Europe, and mobile phone being number 1 best selling gadget in the world - we think it's a "no-brainer".

We honestly think there is no company offering bigger commission, or offering but not keeping up their promises.

How it works? 

1. Click on affiliates at the bottom of our website to create affiliate account with us. 

2. Browse through our website and choose any product that you think would be of most interest to your friend or your public. 

Then copy product code of that item without "product code:" phrase itself.

3. Go back to your account and click on "Custom Affiliate Tracking Code"

4. Under "Tracking Link Generator", paste the product code you copied earlier

5. Select the item to generate your tracking url link

6. Now you are ready to share the link with your friend or paste it on your blog, facebook page or group / twitter / youtube or website. 

7. Once you've generated any sales, log in to your account and check your available commission under "My transactions"

Unlike most companies there is no minimum amount to be paid into your account, you can request your commission even if there was only one sale. 

Start earning extra income with CMH today! We love the idea of rewarding general public instead of paying hundreds to advertising corporations.

How do I know I can trust your affiliate program? 

You can test our affiliate program yourself and see that YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR COMMISSION. If you are trying to test it, please make sure that you logout as affiliate before placing any order. 

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