Warranty is 12 months and includes any technical issue excluding batteries or accidental damage. If battery life becomes poor, normally any local phone / tablet repair shop will be able to replace batteries. Also, warranty covers only one replacement or repair, if repaired device or replacement becomes faulty later on, this warranty won't cover any more replacement or repairs.

14 day return policy covers refunds, however 12 months warranty covers only replacement or repair and not refunds.
14 day returns are accepted for any reason, even if customer simply changed their mind. If you wish to return your product, please send back to :16 Leys Road Wellingborough NN81PN UK for Iurii Savchuk
1.Please make sure to include either order number or name and date of purchase of this device with your return package, otherwise we won't know where it's from.
2. Make sure to factory reset your device and remove all passwords, especially icloud passwords and blackberry account passwords.
3. Returned device must have the same serial number, as the one purchased. Also, please keep tracking number / reference number until your purchase has been refunded.
4. Please make sure to attach a note with your return package to describe what was the problem. Refunds can be issued only if the item is returned within 14 days. After 14 days, we can only repair / replace your item under 12 months warranty.